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CNS Gels (173)
Young Nails (287)
Young Nails - Imagination Art Glitter, Mylar, Confetti, Pigment (83)
Caption Nail Polish & Art Screens (142)
MOYRA - Stamping plates and more (83)
Stamping Supplies
Swarovski Crystal Pixies (16)
Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks (232)
Swarovski Fancy Shapes - Flatbacks (39)
Swarovski Pointed Back Crystals (116)
Rhinestone Tools
Apres - Chrome Powders & Gels *NEW* (7)
Nouveau Nail Gels & Acrylics
Nfu Oh Acrylic *SALE*
Star Nail
Fiberglass, Resin & Activators
Crystal Rhinestones (108)
CNS Glitter (243)
Art Glitter for Nail Art (143)
Nail Art and Glitter (12 packs and individuals) (78)
Nail Art (370)
Mylar (Broken Glass effect)(19)
Nail Art Foil Transfer Rolls (225)
Water Nail Films (33)
Water Slide Nail Decals (484)
Nail Stickers / Nail Decals (374)
Nail Jewelry, Charms, Piercing Tools (152)
Nail Art Striping Paints
Nail Art Displays
Nail Tips & Nail Glue
Nail Forms & Stands
Nail Files
Brushes (111)
Tools (35)
UV Lamps & Bulbs
Electric Nail Files & Bits (95)
Misc. Supplies
Nail Dust Collectors (8)
Nail Dryer
Table Lamp
Manicure Nail Arm Rest
Nail Trainer
Practice Hands and Fingers
Gracia Nail Gel
Manicure & Pedicure Supplies
Cuticle Oils
Nail Polish
Polish Racks
Paraffin Supplies
Waxing Supplies
Metal/ Plastic Ring Blanks - Decorate with nail art!
Nail Tech Jewellery
Just For Fun
Student Kits


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About Us
Canada Nail Supplies Inc. was created in 2009 by a Nail Technician for Nail Technicians and, as such, is entirely Canadian owned and operated.  The inspiration for our company came from the lack of Canadian ecommerce sites to order from that could offer the same low prices and variety of products offered by out of country online websites. Ordering from outside of Canada not only had several expenses associated with customs, duty, brokerage and shipping but parcels also took a long time to arrive.

Our pledge is to offer salon professionals a wide selection of nail products that are affordable as well as an enormous assortment of nail art supplies to suit even the wildest imagination.  We believe that we can provide great service and products while creating a fun place for inspiration for all nail technicians.

Canada Nail Supplies only employs experienced Nail Technicians so you can rest assured that when you call us, we can help!  Whether you have product inquiries or need assistance with product application, it is our pleasure to be of service to you, the salon professional.

If you have any comments or requests we would love to hear them. Please contact us toll-free at 1-877-459-6245 or email



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