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Apres Polarized Effect Powder Set

To watch a video of these colors on nails click here

Polarized Effect Powder Set

Set includes 6 powders - 1 gram of each (Blue, Purple-Blue, Green, Copper, Amber, Violet) and 1 Apres Top Gelcoat.

How to use:

  1. Apply color gel or gel polish (use black to achieve a super shiny chrome look).

  2. Apply coat of Aprés Top Gelcoat. Cure under UV or LED lamp. NO NEED TO WIPE OFF.

  3. Use a sponge tip or silicone tool and sparingly rub the powder on to the nail. If a second coat is desired, Top Gelcoat must be applied again.

  4. Use a dry nail wipe to gently wipe and remove any excess powder.

  5. Seal with one layer of Aprés Top Gelcoat for up to 4 weeks shine! Apply Top Gelcoat and freeze frequently when applying to multiple fingers.

Following steps 4 & 5 carefully will eliminate a sparkly finish and promote a highly mirrored effect.


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