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Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite/Edge Red - Valentine's Day

This Crystalpixie Trial Set in red introduces a new style of Crystalpixie—Crystalpixie Edge! The set is stylishly packaged, and includes a 2gm bottle of classic Crystalpixie Petite in Cute Mood (Crystal AB), a 2gm bottle of the new Crystalpixie Edge in Heart’s Desire (Indian Siam), teamed with Heart Light Siam HF 6mm Creation Stones and funnel.

What is the difference between Crystalpixie Petite and Crystalpixie Edge? The difference is the type of crystals contained in each. Petite is the original, classic combination of round stones and traditional crystal cuts. Edge consists of sharper, punky bi-cone cuts of crystals. Both deliver the brilliance that only Swarovski® crystal can deliver!

Please visit the Crystal Application category for application options.

Product Code: SW-PIXIE-Valentinesk

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