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Young Nails - Universal Curing Lamp

YN UNIVERSAL CURE LED/UV cures gel in 1 minute or less, including all LED/UV hard gels, gel polishes. Its double light source emits softer LED/UV rays visible to the eyes and features a gradual cure function. The gradual cure function allows for controlled light release, which is optimal for sensitive nails, or builder & sculpting gels. No more burning sensations.

**To use the dimmer feature (half intensity) hold down the "1/2" button until it turns red otherwise the light will operate at full intensity.


Timer Functions

    • 30 Seconds

    • One Minute

    • Two Minute

    • Continuous On

50% power function to reduce heat spikes.

Cure 5 fingers at once.

Removable base plate.

Auto sensor when hand goes in light.

Product Code: YN-LAYN001

Availability: In stock


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