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Reflective Effect Powder #5

Reflective Effect Powder #5

How to use:

-Apply black color gel or gel polish for color results like the picture.

-Apply a tack free topcoat (we recommend
Apres Top Gelcoat) and cure

-Use a sponge tip or silicone tool and sparingly rub the powder on the nail.

-Use a dry nail wipe to gently wipe and remove any excess powder.

-For best results seal with one coat of CNS Top Gloss (traditional UV 2 minute cured Gloss).  Tack free top coats may also be used.

*If powder does not stay on the nail, cure gel for LESS time.

*LED light greatly changes the cure time of Apres Top Gelcoat.  Reduce to 10-20 seconds.

If using CNS Gel Paints:

-Apply CNS Blackout (or other desired color) and cure for 90 seconds maximum in UV light.

-Apply powder directly to cured Blackout

-Apply gel top coat to finish nail

Product Code: EP-EFFECTPOWDER-05

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