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Apres Artiste Artink Set 1 with Blending Fluid

Artisté ArtInk No. 1

Set of 6 Watercolor Inks + 1 Bottle of 120mL Blending Fluid

Create beautiful watercolor, tie-dye, marbling effects with water-based nail inks! Use the provided Blending Fluid as an eraser or blender to disperse the layers of colors to create a variety of different patterns. ArtInk works ONLY on matte surfaces. Please apply a layer of matte topcoat over color gel before applying ArtInk. Top with a layer of Aprés Top Gelcoat for a beautiful, glossy finish!

#1: Black

#2: Brown

#3: Red

#4: Pink

#5: Orange

#6: Fuschia

Product Code: Apres-ArtInk-Set-1

Availability: In stock


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