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CNS Gels (118)
Young Nails (349)
Young Nails - Imagination Art Glitter, Mylar, Confetti (73)
Nouveau Nail Gels & Acrylics (17)
Nfu Oh Acrylic (43)
Fiberglass & Silk (14)
Star Nail (8)
Nail Art (553)
Nail Art and Glitter (12 packs and individuals) (94)
Nail Stickers / Nail Decals (388)
Water Slide Nail Decals (497)
Water Nail Films (34)
Nail Jewelry, Charms, Piercing Tools (137)
*NEW - CNS Glitter (122)
Art Glitter for Nail Art (185)
Nail Art Striping Paints (27)
Nail Art Displays (24)
Nail Forms & Stands (14)
Nail Tips & Nail Glue (40)
Nail Files (47)
Brushes (85)
Tools (41)
UV Lamps & Bulbs (10)
Electric Nail Files & Bits (85)
Misc. Supplies (53)
Nail Dust Collectors (7)
Manicure Nail Arm Rest (4)
Nail Trainer (4)
Practice Hands and Fingers
Gracia Nail Gel (11)
Disinfecting (5)
Manicure & Pedicure Supplies (33)
Cuticle Oils (9)
Nail Polish (26)
Polish Racks (4)
Paraffin Supplies (6)
Metal/ Plastic Ring Blanks - Decorate with nail art! (15)
Nail Tech Jewellery (5)
Just For Fun (4)


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Canada Nail Supplies Inc
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Nail Stickers - Glow In The Dark - Stars
Nail Stickers - Glow In The Dark - Love
Nail Stickers - Glow In The Dark - Bows
Nail Stickers - Glow In The Dark - Roses
Thin Metal Mermaids - 20 per jar
Thin Metal Anchors - 20 per jar
Thin Metal Silver Filigree Hearts - 20 per jar
Thin Metal Gold filigree Hearts - 20 per jar
Young Nails Gel Paint - Buy Black, Get White FREE
Young Nails - Table Top Dust Extractor
Young Nails UV Curing Light (UV Lamp)
Water Decals - Lips and XOXO
Nail Stickers - Love, Black
Nail Stickers - Misc Words, Silver
Nail Stickers - Love and Kiss, White
Nail Stickers - Puppy Love
Nail Stickers - Paris Love
Nail Stickers - Valentine Love Birds
Nail Stickers - Pink and Purple Hearts
Nail Stickers - Red and White Hearts
Young Nails - Pop and Sparkle Kit
Thin Metal Gold Snowflakes - 20 per jar
Thin Metal Silver Snowflakes - 20 per jar
Young Nails - 12 pack of Rose Oil 1/4 oz
Nail Art Black Fancy detail brush - size 000
Caption Intro Promotion (Wall Rack with Polish)
CNS Holographic Glitter Mix - 11 Pack
ManiQ Base - Receive ManiQ Top FREE
Pink "NAIL TECH" Pin Brooch
Crystal "I DO NAILS" Pin Brooch
Caption Care Products - Drying Drops
Caption Care Products - Matte Top Coat
Caption Polish Effect - Shazaaam!
Caption Polish - XXOO Kissy Face
Caption Polish - Hello & Goodbye
Caption Polish - Isn't Thaaat Nice
Caption Polish - Calm Cool & Collected
Caption Polish - Easy Does It
Caption Polish - Romance Vs. Reality
Caption Polish - Rough, Tough & In The Buff
Caption Polish - Walk To The Light
Caption Polish - Just A Little Bit In Love
Caption Polish - If I Only Had Wings
Disposable Palette Ring
Metal Adjustable Ring - Round
Premium Nail & Cosmetic Pads, 240 Pack
CNS Gel Paint - Blue Odyssey - 8 ml
CNS Gel Paint - Razzy Berry - 8 ml
CNS Gel Paint - Blackout - 8 ml
CNS Gel Paint - Scarlet - 8 ml
CNS Gel Paint - Fahrenheit - 8 ml
CNS Colored Gel - Blue Magic - 8ml jar
CNS Colored Gel - Wild Orchid - 8ml jar
CNS Colored Gel - Tropical Teal - 8ml jar
Young Nails Empty Storage Box
3D Charm - Silver Spider with Crystals
Metal Pusher - Pusher/Slant Edge
Metal Pusher - Cleaner/Straight Edge
Metal Pusher - Lg Pusher/Scoop
Young Nails - Clear Tips, 500 Master Pack
CNS Glitter Mix - 9 Pack
CNS Pearl Glitter Mix - 8 Pack
CNS Super Fine Glitter - 6 Pack
CNS Fine Glitter - 16 Pack
CNS Glitter - 8 Pack
CNS Glitter Hearts - 3 Pack
Water Decals - Metallic Silver Hearts
Water Nail Decals - Pink Heart Leopard Pattern
Young Nails 6oz Liquid with Free 45g Speed Clear Powder
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Champagne 101
Rhinestone Wheel Small - Assorted Shape and Colors
Young Nails - The Pink Kit
Young Nails 7g Pearl Pigment
Young Nails 7g Emerald Pigment
Young Nails 7g Bronze Pigment
Young Nails 7g Gold Pigment
Young Nails 7g Garnet Pigment
Young Nails 7g Amethyst Pigment
Young Nails 7g Sapphire Pigment
Young Nails Professional Gel Kit
Young Nails UV Light w Removable Plate (UV Lamp)
Nail Wipes - PurCotton Wipes
Ericas MT-20 Electric Nail File
Isagel Hand Sanitizer - 21 oz
UV 9 Watt Lamp - White
Nail Art Foil Adhesive 1/4 oz
Young Nails - Finesse Pro Gel Sculptor Brush
Young Nails YN Artistic Sculptor
Young Nails YN Gel Sculptor
Young Nails - Rose Oil, 1 oz
Young Nails - Gloss Gel 30g
Young Nails - Build Gel 15g
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Sheer Pink 101
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Sheer Pink 102
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Beige101
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Green 101
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Blue 104
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Pink 106
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Pink 102
UV Lamp 9 Watt - Pink Top w/ White Base
Gracia Mosaic Nail Tips - Clear - 300 PER PACKAGE
Gracia Mosaic Nail Tips - Black - 100 per package
Dotting Tool with Light Blue Ribbon Design
Dotting Tool with White Ribbon Design
UV 9 Watt Lamp - Ivory
Joey Junior - Original Purse Organizer - Mountain Zebra
Joey Junior - Original Purse Organizer - African Leopard
Ed Hardy Tattoos - Skull with Flowers in Hair (Blue Top)
File Master 520 Electric Nail File by Medicool (Nail Drill)
Nail Wipes - Lint Free (Sleeve of 200)
Sylvania 9watt Bulb (UV Bulb for curing gel nails)
Stainless Steel Cuticle Nippers - Single Spring
Steel Cuticle Pusher - Straight
Plastic Cuticle Pusher - Clear with red tip
Rhinestone Wheel - Heart - 600



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