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Young Nails - Imagination Art Glitter, Mylar, Confetti, Pigment
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Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs
Swarovski Fancy Shapes - Flat Backs
Swarovski Pointed Back Crystals
Swarovski Round Pearls 5809
Rhinestone Tools
PAVÉ Crystal Stamping
Apres - Chrome Powders & Gels
Nouveau Nail Gels & Acrylics
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CNS Glitter
Art Glitter for Nail Art
Nail Art and Glitter (12 packs and individuals)
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Swarovski Crystal Assortment - Valentine
Moyra Fusion Acrygel Trial Kit
Moyra Fusion Acrygel - Cover Pink, 5 ml
Moyra Fusion Acrygel - Cover Pink, 30 ml
Swarovski Crystal Shapes - Crystal and Crystal AB
Moyra Stamping Plate 57 - Winter is Here
Moyra Stamping Plate 58 - Step by Step
Caption Polish - Drop the Mic
YN Go Time - Drop the Mic Gel
YN Go Time - Let's Be Frank Gel
Peach Crystal Silicone Tool Set
Young Nails Mission Control Kit
Young Nails Holo Flash Kit
Moyra Fixing Gel I
Moyra Artistic Painting Gel - No. 5
Moyra Artistic Painting Gel - No. 4
Moyra Stamping Plate 56 - Celebration 2
Moyra Stamping Plate 55 - Fall
Swarovski Crystal Pixie - Love's Passion, 10 gm
Nail Art Transfer Foil Roll - Aurora Tide
Nail Art Transfer Foil Roll - Illusion Swirl
PAVE Crystal Stamping Kit (4 Templates, Stamper, Silicone Roll, Puff)
YN SlickPour Starter Kit
YN SlickPour Powder - Under The Radar
Swarovski Crystal Pixie - Love's Passion Set
Ericas Starter Bit Kit
Erica's Russian Diamond Bit Kit (5 bits with case and Pusher
Ericas Cuticle Sciver - Coarse - 3 pack
Ericas Cuticle Sciver - Medium - 3 pack
Crystal Storage Container w/ 20 Individual Compartments
Moyra PlastiLine gel No. 05 Burgundy
Moyra PlastiLine gel No. 02 White
Moyra - Nail art ombre brush
Moyra Mini Plate Holder, Pink
Apres Rose Gold Powder - 1 gram - Applicator not included
Reflective Effect Powder #5
Reflective Effect Powder #6
Swarovski Crystalpixie Edge - Cute Mood
Swarovski Crystalpixie Edge - White Ballet Set
Young Nails - Universal Curing Lamp
Swarovski Crystal Assortment - Crystal and Crystal AB
Moyra Clear XL Stamper with Crystal Cap
Moyra Stamping Plate 42 - Homeland
Nail Art Display Book, 216 Slot - Silver, Includes Tips
Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite/Edge Gold - Glamour Nights
Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite/Edge Red - Valentine's Day
CNS Glitter #932 - Thin Pink Metallic Hearts
CNS Glitter #933 - Thin Mylar Hearts
CNS Glitter #934 - Thin Candy Pink Hearts
Swarovski Crystal Assortment - Shimmers
Swarovski Crystal Pixie - Sparkling Moments - Limited Edition Set
CNS Glitter #927 - Silver Holographic Champagne Glasses
CNS Glitter #928 - Gold Holographic Champagne Glasses
CNS Glitter #922 - Pink Holographic Snowflakes
CNS Glitter #923 - Aqua Holographic Snowflakes
CNS Glitter #924 - Silver Holographic Snowflakes
CNS Glitter #925 - Iridescent White Snowflakes
Young Nails - 20 Pack Rose Oil Pack
Young Nails Chrome Obsession Kit
Swarovski #4228 Navette Point Back-Light Rose - 12 pcs
Swarovski #2808 Flatback Hearts - Fuchsia
Swarovski #2808 Flatback Hearts - Rosaline
3 Piece Silicone Tool Set with Clear Crystal Handles
Nail Art Transfer Foil Roll - Holographic Rose Vines
Swarovski Crystal Pixie - Candy Land Set
Triangle Tray
Pink Brush Case
Swarovski Crystal Assortment - White to Black
Swarovski #2808 Flatback Hearts - Crystal
Swarovski Crystal Pixie - Cute Mood Set
YN 32oz Liquid with Free 85g Speed Clear Powder
Swarovski #2826 Flatback Snowflakes - Crystal
Swarovski #2826 Flatback Snowflakes - Crystal AB
Crystal Katana Pick Up Tool
Swarovski Crystals Multi Pack - Light Siam (5ss-71pcs, 7ss-42pcs, 9ss-27pcs)
Swarovski Crystals Multi Pack - Light Chrome (5ss-56pcs, 7ss-42pcs, 9ss-27pcs)
Swarovski Crystals Multi Pack - White Opal/Pearl (5ss-71pcs, 7ss-42pcs, 9ss-27pcs)
Swarovski Crystals Multi Pack - Crystal AB (5ss-56pcs, 7ss-42pcs, 9ss-27pcs)
Nail Art Transfer Foil - Holo Snake Skin
Nail Art Transfer Foil - Winter Night
Nail Art Transfer Foil - Blue Snowflakes
Nail Art Transfer Film - Holo Silver Snowflakes
Nail Stickers - Love Theme
Thin Metal Silver Filigree Hearts - 20 per jar
Water Decals - Lips and XOXO
Nail Stickers - Love, Silver
Nail Stickers - Puppy Love
Nail Stickers - Valentine Love Birds
Young Nails - 12 pack of Rose Oil 1/4 oz
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Glacier 101 - Effect
Crystal "NAIL TECH" Pin Brooch
Crystal "I DO NAILS" Pin Brooch
Caption Polish - Zigged When I Shoulda
Caption Polish - Bite Your Tongue
Caption Polish - Am I Right or Am I Right?
Young Nails Pro Acrylic Kit - ULTIMATE
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Ultimate Pink 101
Brush Holder - 24 Hole
CNS Glitter Hearts - 3 Pack
YN 6oz Liquid with Free 45g Speed Clear Powder
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Ruby 101
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Gold 102
Young Nails Professional Gel Kit
Young Nails PRO Acrylic Kit SPEED
Young Nails PRO Acrylic Kit CORE
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Sheer Pink 102
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Pink 104
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Pink 101
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Pink 102
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Red 103
YN Mani.Q Gel Polish - Red 101
50 Clear Nail Sticks Display on Metal Ring
(2-4)Skulls & Cherries Nail Stickers
(16-1)Nail Stickers - Black hearts with Clear Rhinestone dots
Pink with White Floral Nail Forms - Roll of 500



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