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Ugly Duckling - Rechargeable Gel Lamp

We are extremely happy with our new model and we know you will be too!

  •     36 W UV/LED Lamp

  •     365nm - 405nm

  •     30, 60, 90 low heat and a "stay on option"

  •     Stay on option great for doing tips (max of 5 mins before turning off to save battery life)

  •     81 strategically placed LEDs for optimal curing

  •     Higher quality LEDs

  •     Removable metal base

  •     Sensor activated

  •     Muted sensor option

  •     Cures both UV/LED

  •     Battery usage: 140-150 min or 200mins on the low heat setting (90second)

  •     Low heat option is for those with sensitive or damaged nail plates

  •     Pedicure option: Small stands fold down to help lift the unit

  •     Soft matte finish

  •     Acetone resistant


Product Code: UD-RGL

Availability: In stock

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