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Caption Polish - Zigged When I Shoulda

Young Nails - Caption Nail Polish - Zigged When I Shoulda Zagged

Bright Magenta Purple Creme

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Chip-Free. Drama-Free. Relentless Polish.

Lock in your look with the Caption system. Caption Nail Polish with LacQ3 Technology wears tough as gel with a mirror-like shine.


- Intensely pigmented shades of color

- Superior coverage

- Easy application

- Self-leveling

- Durability of gel, stays chip-free for 2-3Xs longer than average polish

- Round tip brush with 320 strands, follows curve of nails

- Dries 3Xs faster than average polish

- Volcanic Glass provides natural cushioning and strength during application, while Shellac helps protect and defend

- Formulated without DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde

Product Code: YN-PO10C056

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