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Apres Rechargeable X-Lite

*Pricing reflects recent import tax increase on manicure supplies*

Upgrade your MINI LED lamp to our new mini Aprés X-Lite!

This cordless, rechargeable LED light packs a big punch in a small, portable way. 6W LED lamp is perfect for flash-curing Gel-X or setting a 3D crystal design on an individual finger. Full charge has enough power for 2 hours of use and fully charges in just 2 hours! Batteries not needed! USB cable included. Power adapter required. 

Directions: Press and hold the top of X-Lite for 3 seconds till the light flashes 3x times. Press the top once to turn off and on. X-Lite will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of idling. To manually turn off, press and hold the top of X-Lite till the light flashes 2x times

Product Code: APRES-APXL

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