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Ugly Duckling Velveteen AcryGel, 60gm/2oz

The best of both worlds! Velveteen is our rendition of a gel/acrylic hybrid. We recommend applying an overlay on natural nails or tips, and finishing with your choice of Ugly Duckling gel polish. Our Velveteen will not move, but stays fully workable until cured. Cures with a tack-free, smooth, velvet-like finish, minimizing filing.

Application: Prep nail as you would for traditional acrylic. Squeeze desired amount of Velveteen from the tube, slice with your Duck Paddle, and transfer to your nail. 

Lightly moisten your gel brush with Ugly Duckling Gel Cleanse. 

Press and smooth your Velveteen in to place. Apply all 5 nails, and cure 30 - 90 seconds in your Ugly Duckling curing lamp, depending on product thickness.

Better to "over-cure" than "under-cure"

Includes: 1 Tube Squeezer

Product Code: UD-VELVET-60GM

Availability: In stock