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Clear Jelly Stamping Nail Polish Kit - Shifting Color Stamping Polish (Semi­Sheer 4pk) 5 Free Form

Stamping Polish Kit - Shifting Color Polish (Semi-Sheer 4pk)

Shifting color nail art stamping polish is a versatile lacquer that adds a touch of magic to your nails. This specialized polish exhibits a unique characteristic of changing hues or displaying multiple colors when viewed from different angles or under varying lighting conditions. With its iridescent and chameleon-like properties, this polish creates a captivating visual effect that shifts and shimmers, making your nail art truly enchanting.

Designed specifically for stamping, this polish offers precise application for transfer of intricate designs onto your nails, allowing for beautiful and detailed artwork. Its formula boasts quick-drying properties, ensuring swift and seamless creation of stunning nail designs.

Available in an array of dazzling shades, from ethereal blues and purples to fiery reds and greens, shifting color nail art stamping polish lets you express your creativity and style in a kaleidoscope of colors. Whether you prefer subtle, understated shifts or bold, eye-catching transformations, this polish is sure to elevate your nail art game and leave a lasting impression.


SC-01- Mystic Lagoon, SC-02- Plumfire, SC-03- Crimson Sunburst , SC-04- Tangerine Meadow

Semi-sheer stamping polish.

  • 5 ml or 0.17 oz. size

  • 10 ml or 0.35 oz size

  • Brush applicator

  • "5 Free" ingredients

Product Code: CJ-2975

Availability: In stock

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