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Ugly Duckling Premium Odorless Monomer 250ml

**Please Note:  Odorless liquid is not compatible with colored acrylic powders.**

Apply this product using one part liquid and two parts powder. Primer is recommended, but not necessary, making it a desirable option for clients with sensitivities.

This product has a very slow rate of evaporation, rendering it essentially odorless. Due to the slow evaporation, there is very little waste, however, when the enhancement has cured, you will have a tacky layer. As an alternative to filing off the tacky layer, a quick wash or soak in water will harden the surface, eliminating the tacky layer.

If you choose not to use water, this layer is very easily filed off, however you will need to take in to account the loss of product when applying. As the layer rolls off, you will find you have less dust than with a traditional acrylic or gel. Once you have removed the tacky layer, you simply file as you would a traditional acrylic enhancement.

Product Code: UD-OAL250

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