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Swarovski Crystal Sizes for Nails

By canadanails

We are often asked about our favorite Swarovski Crystal sizes and that’s a tough question to answer because we love Swarovski so much and just want to answer by saying all of them!  For Swarovski Flatback round shapes we sell them as small as 3ss and all the way up to 30ss. So to help with this question Susan did these nails as an example to show you the sizes compared to a nail for reference. The nails are all a size 2 nail. Please see picture above.

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks by size

Crystal Size  Measurement
3SS 1.4mm 
5SS 1.8mm 
7SS 2.15mm
9SS 2.65mm
12SS 3.1mm
16SS 3.9mm
20SS 4.7mm
30SS 6.41mm









If you are unsure about sizing, the Multipacks are a great place to start. They contain 3 popular sizes: 5ss, 7ss and 9ss and are available in over 100 colors to choose from. We have made shopping so much easier on our new website! Now you can view Swarovski Crystals for nails by Size or by Color.

We’ve covered rounds but now let’s talk shapes - Canada Nail Supplies currently carries 26 shapes in Swarovski Fancy Flatbacks and rest assured will carry more as soon as Swarovski brings out more. 😉 I know you might be thinking we may have an addiction and it’s true, we do! We can’t get enough of Swarovski!

Below is a chart for the different shapes and sizes they come in to help you narrow down your choice.  If you are just starting out and want to start with something small I recommend the small Swarovski Raindrop which is 1.7mm wide and 6mm long. If you really want to bling it up with lots of sparkle, then there are many to choose from.  And again, if you are unsure where to start, we have an assorted shapes tray with Crystal and Crystal AB Shapes.

Swarovski Flat Back shape sizes

Swarovski Shape  Measurements 
2035 Swarovski Chessboard 6mm
2080 Swarovski Pearls 2 sizes - 2.85mm and 3.9mm
2200 Swarovski Navette 4 x 2mm
2201 Swarovski Marquise Jewel 8 x 3.5mm
2204 Swarovski Pure Leaf 6 x 4.8mm
2205 Swarovski Flame 7.5mm
2300 Swarovski Pearl 8 x 4.8mm
2303 Swarovski Pear Jewel 8 x 3.5mm
2304 Swarovski Raindrop 2 sizes 6 x and 10 x 2.8mm
2400 Swarovski Square 3 sizes 2.2mm x 2.2mm, 3 x 3 mm, 4 x 4mm
2403 Swarovski Pyramid 4mm
2494 Swarovski Starlet 6mm
2555 Swarovski Baguette 8 x 2.6mm
2585 Swarovski Graphic 8mm
2709 Swarovski Rhombus   10 x 6mm
2711 Swarovski Triangle 3.3mm
2714 Swarovski Fan 6mm
2720 Swarovski Cosmic Triangle  7.5mm
2728 Swarovski Flowers  2 sizes 16ss 3.9mm and 20ss 4..7mm
2797 Swarovski Leaf  8 x 4mm
2771 Swarovski Kite  6.4 x 5.6mm
2808 Swarovski Heart  6mm
2773 Swarovski Diamond  2 sizes 6.6mm x 3,9mm and  5 x 3mm
2813 Swarovski Moon   8 x 5.5mm
2816 Swarovski Star  5mm
2826 Swarovski Snowflake  5mm
2856 Swarovski Skulls  10 x 7.5mm
2858 Swarovski Bow Tie  6 x 4.5mm
5061 Swarovski Spikes  5.5mm x 5.5mm





























Watch for more Nail News about Swarovski and nails...we have a lot to say!

Thanks for checking out our Nail News. I hope you will contact us if you have any questions or special requests, we are always happy to talk about Swarovski. 😊

Have a great day!