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Top 10 Best Selling Apres Products

If you're as passionate about nail art as we are, you know that finding the right product can feel like a godsend. And when it comes to the best nail products, Aprés is a goldmine that needs no introduction. This brand has been rocking the nail world with top-notch, innovative products for quite a while. For instance, their Gel-X system is a total game changer. It lets you rock those long-lasting enviable long nails without wrecking your real ones underneath. But that's just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended, of course).

Here, we're diving into the top 10 best-selling Aprés products that are sure to give your nail game that extra pop. Stick around, because you're going to want every single one of these in your collection.

Aprés Extend Gel Bottle Non-Wipe

Ever had that moment when your gorgeous Gel-X nail extensions start having a fuzzy or something stuck to the underside. We all know how frustrating that is. Let's change that for good this time. The solution you're looking for is the Aprés Extend Gel Bottle. Hear us out. This is your ultimate fix for those nail woes, from annoying sticky undersides of your Gel-X tips to the quest for that elusive long-lasting look.

What’s special about it? The Extend Gel Non-Wipe is the first of its kind to be HEMA-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, and doesn't require any wiping post-application. This means absolutely no lint or dust sticking to your nails, keeping them in pristine condition for weeks.

And it gets better. Each bottle includes custom-designed Brush-X to ensure every application is smooth and precise. Expect up to four weeks of flawless wear with proper prep, and when it’s time to switch up your style, removing the non-wipe glossy finish is a breeze with a quick acetone soak. And it goes without saying that this bottle (available in 15 and 30ml) is a staple for anyone serious about their nail game.

Aprés Extend Gel Novice

Starting out with Gel-X nail extensions shouldn't be a nail-biting experience (Sorry, this might be the last pun we'd use). But let's face it, diving into DIY nail extensions can sometimes turn into a comedy of errors. Maybe the gel overflows when you least expect it, or the tips won't stay put under the light. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up with a sticky mess instead of Instagram-worthy nails—which, let's be honest, happens almost certainly in the case of every beginner.

This is where Aprés Extend Gel Novice ensures beginners don't get discouraged, letting them fully enjoy the otherworldly excitement of applying Gel-X tips on their own. This genius product is tailor-made for beginners, with a thick, putty-like consistency that stays put, allowing you ample time to adjust those Gel-X tips to perfection before they’re cured. Hence, there's a guarantee of no more mishaps with shifting tips or runaway gel.

Also, it is HEMA-free, easy to soak off, and works like a charm with Neutrals Gel-X Tips and Heavenly Top Gelcoat for that sleek, professional look. So, if you’re just stepping into the world of Gel-X, let Extend Gel Novice smooth out the learning curve for you.

Aprés Gel-X Prep

Aprés Gel-X Prep is one of the favorite products of many professional nail artists because it is all about making the nail extension experience notably smoother, faster, and cleaner. Why? Well, this innovative non-acid formula truly streamlines your nail prep routine while ensuring maximum adhesion and strength. Traditionally, getting your tips ready involved a tedious process of physical etching. By using Gel-X Prep, you move directly to application without the hassle (amen to that).

And once your tips are securely in place, a quick scrub with Gel-X Prep is all it takes to get the surface impeccably ready for the Extend Gel application. But the benefits don’t stop there—this versatile prep solution also works wonders post-application. It expertly primes the surface, ensuring it’s perfectly textured to hold onto any color you decide to apply. This means your color adheres better and lasts longer, looking vibrant and chip-free.

So, whether you’re prepping for a subtle nude or a bold red, Gel-X Prep makes sure your nails are primed to perfection. It's practically begging for a spot in your nail extension kit.

Aprés Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat

Here's a product that stands out as one of our top picks in the Apres family because it simplifies the finishing step of your nail service. The Aprés Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat offers a quick and reliable solution to the common problem of annoying tacky residue that most top coats leave behind. It's specially formulated to provide a stunning, high-gloss finish without any sticky cleanup.

Just apply it over your favorite polish or Chrome powder for extra vibrancy, cure it under a UV lamp for 2 minutes or a LED light for just 30 seconds, and you’re all set—no wiping required. With its ability to resist bubbling and cracking, this top gelcoat ensures a long-lasting, professional-quality finish every time.

Available in two convenient sizes, 15ml and 30ml, the Aprés Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat shields your gel polish from peeling, chipping, and discoloration. And most importantly, this top-quality product ensures your manicure stays pristine and vibrant for over four weeks.

Aprés Acid-Free Primer

Ever find yourself puzzled by nail extensions that seem to lift off just days after a perfect salon visit? You're not alone. The usual suspect here is the natural oils on your nails, which can weaken the adhesive bond between your nail and the extension. If these oils aren't properly dealt with, no amount of expert application can prevent the dreaded lift.

We highly recommend the Aprés Acid-Free Primer because it’s effective at adhering Gel-X extensions onto the natural nail. You see, this primer tackles the oil problem head-on by deeply cleansing and dehydrating your nails, ensuring that nothing gets between the adhesive and your nail bed. By doing so, this Aprés product ensures your extensions have a much stronger, longer-lasting bond.

And here’s the best part: it’s acid-free. While it’s tough on oils, it’s incredibly gentle on your nails. No harsh chemicals mean your natural nails stay healthy and undamaged.

Aprés pH Bonder

The natural oils on your nails are great for keeping them healthy, but they can be a real pain when it comes to adhesion. These oils form a layer that can prevent nail enhancements from sticking effectively. And that’s not all—your nails' natural pH can also affect how well products adhere. Typically, a slightly acidic pH is common for nail beds, which isn’t ideal for adhesion.

One of the most recommended solutions is to use the Aprés pH Bonder. After all, the first thing it does is remove those natural oils. It acts like a deep cleanser for your nails, ensuring that all the oily barriers are gone. But it doesn’t stop there.

The bonder also adjusts the pH of your nails. Its basic (alkaline) chemistry works to raise the pH level of your natural nails. Why does this matter? Well, many nail products, especially enhancements like gels and acrylics, adhere better to a surface that's slightly more basic than acidic. By raising the pH, the Aprés pH bonder properly dehydrates the nails to create an ideal surface for these products to stick to, which means your manicure or enhancements are much more likely to stay put without lifting or peeling off prematurely.

And that's precisely why we’ve included the Aprés pH Bonder in our top recommendations.

Aprés Luxury Cuticle Serum

Ever noticed how dry and damaged cuticles can make your whole manicure look a bit, well, off? Not to mention the annoying ridges, splitting, and brittleness that come with them. That's where the Aprés Cuticle Serum comes in as a total lifesaver for your nail care routine.

Here’s the deal: This serum is packed with a powerful blend of ingredients that are all about transforming your cuticles and promoting stronger, smoother nails. Think of it as a deep conditioning treatment but for your nails and cuticles. It contains turmeric root extract, known for its natural anti-inflammatory and germ-inhibiting properties, which helps keep your nails healthy and free from infections that can affect nail growth.

Then there’s the nourishing duo of almond and jojoba oil, along with Vitamin B. These ingredients work together to moisturize and soothe your cuticles, reducing those pesky ridges and preventing nails from becoming brittle and split. What’s great about this serum is that it absorbs fast. You won’t be left with any sticky or oily residue, just smooth, supple cuticles.

Plus, the Aprés Cuticle Serum is available in four different scents (Winter Returns, Fall Retreat, Summer Touches, and Spring Step), so you can switch them up depending on your season.

Aprés Gel-X Tips 2.0

Are you ready to embrace the Aprés Gel-X Tips 2.0 — the nail revolution you didn't know you needed until now. These aren’t just any nail tips; they’re a full-blown upgrade to your nail routine, designed to marry seamlessly with the natural curve of your nails. Think Cinderella’s slipper, but for your fingertips.

Here’s something worth considering: Each tip is precision-engineered to eliminate the drudgery of filing and shaping. You simply apply, and voilà — instant salon-quality nails that look and feel utterly natural. Forget about that clunky feel of traditional extensions; these babies are so lightweight, you might just forget you’re wearing them.

Choices? Oh, they’ve got them in spades. From the demure Natural Round Extra Short selection to the chic Natural Square Extra Short, there’s a perfect match for every mood and style.

And it's worth mentioning that Aprés Gel-X Tips 2.0 is not just a step up—it’s a leap into nail nirvana!

Aprés Soft Gel Builder

Got a Gel-X manicure that's perfect and you want to last much longer? If yes, what you need is the Aprés Soft Gel Builder. It is the ultimate game-changer that’s set to stretch your manicure's mileage. Think of it as a rejuvenating spa for your nails; it’s formulated with the same durable yet flexible traits as the beloved Gel-X tips, allowing you to give your nails the touch-up they need without starting from scratch.

Also, the Soft Gel Builder's self-leveling properties ensure you always get that flawlessly smooth finish with minimal effort. It’s versatile too! Use it not only for fills but also as a strength-boosting overlay on natural nails.

And when it’s time for a change? No sweat. This builder gel soaks off as easily as it applies, thanks to its user-friendly, acetone-soluble formulation. Ready to extend the life of your manicure with ease? Aprés Soft Gel Builder is exactly what you need.

Aprés Gel Couleur

Imagine a palette so vast it touches every shade of your imagination, transforming your nails into a canvas of vibrant artistry. This is a "reality" in the world of Aprés Gel Couleur (Gel Polish Collection), where 200 vivid shades stand ready to elevate your nail game to stratospheric levels. This isn't just a collection; it's a revolution in color, designed for the discerning nail artist who craves range and versatility without compromising on quality.

Each shade in this meticulously curated lineup is a masterpiece of color precision. Whether you're aiming for a flawless one-color look or intricate, pigmented nail art designs, Gel Couleur answers the call. The magic lies in its beautiful gel formula—smooth enough to glide effortlessly across your nails for a sleek finish, yet opaque enough to make every detail pop in your nail art.

So, whether you’re a professional nail artist or a DIY aficionado looking to bring salon-level quality home, Gel Couleur offers the ultimate in diversity, quality, and ease of use.

Got Questions About Aprés Products?

Curious to learn more about what makes Aprés stand out or need some tips on how to make the most of your products? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Whether you're wondering about the perfect shade match in our Gel Couleur collection or need advice on using the Soft Gel Builder, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime, and let’s make your nail art journey exciting and successful.