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Young Nails - Imagination Art On The Go Kit

This is the ultimate Young Nails Art Kit!  It contains a huge selection of Glitters, Pigments, Gel Paints, Acrylic Powders, Icy Mylar, Confetti, and Foils.  Kit Value $593.70.

Kit Includes:

1/4 oz Hologram Glitter

1/4 oz Sunshine Glitter

1/4 oz Sakura Storm Glitter

1/4 oz Crush Glitter

1/4 oz Pinkie Glitter

1/4 oz Meon A Sky Glitter

1/4 oz Shock Glitter

1/4 oz Incredible Green Glitter

1/4 oz Punk Rock Glitter

1/4 oz Lava Glitter

1/4 oz Royal Red Glitter

1/4 oz Bronze Glitter

1/4 oz Funkadelic Glitter

1/4 oz Rock Star Glitter

1/4 oz Crushed Pearl Glitter

1/4 oz Diamond Dust Glitter

1/4 oz Shimmering Sand Glitter

1/4 oz Golden Orange Glitter

1/4 oz Lavender Glitter

1/4 oz Fuchsia Glitter

1/4 oz Purple Glitter

1/4 oz Royal Blue Glitter

1/4 oz Emerald Green Glitter

1/4 oz Jet Black Glitter

1/4 oz Pearl Pigment

1/4 oz Gold Pigment

1/4 oz Emerald Pigment

1/4 oz Sapphire Pigment

1/4 oz Amethyst Pigment

1/4 oz Garnet Pigment

1/4 oz Bronze Pigment

1/4 oz Black Gel Paint

1/4 oz Red Gel Paint

1/4 oz White Gel Paint

Acrylic Powders:

1/4 oz Rainbow Black

1/4 oz Rainbow White

1/4 oz Pastel Blushing Girl

1/4 oz Rainbow Yellow

1/4 oz Pop Bright Tangerine

1/4 oz Pop Bright Orange

1/4 oz Rainbow Red

1/4 oz Rainbow Purple

1/4 oz Rainbow Blue

1/4 oz Pop Bright Turquoise

1/4 oz Pop Bright Green

1/4 oz Pop Bright Lime

1/4 oz Pop Bright Orchid

1/4 oz Pop Bright Plum

1/4 oz Pop Bright Pink

1/4 oz EarthTone Warm Gold

1/4 oz EarthTone Metallic Silver

1/4 oz EarthTone Metallic Bronze

1/4 oz BlockParty-Mixer

1/4 oz BlockParty-Rave

1/4 oz BlockParty-Masquerade

1/4 oz BlockParty-Surprise

1/4 oz BlockParty-Pool

1/4 oz BlockParty-Birthday

1/4 oz Into You Netting

1/4 oz Silver Polka Dots

1/4 oz Gold Polka Dots

1/4 oz En Love

1/4 oz Celebrate

1/4 oz Moody

1/4 oz Lime Icy

1/4 oz Blueberry Icy

1/4 oz Raspberry Icy

1/4 oz Lemonade Icy

1/4 oz Lemon Icy

1/4 oz Vanilla Icy

1/4 oz Gold Foil

1/4 oz Silver Foil

10- 1/4 oz White Mixing Jars

10- 1/4 oz Clear Mixing Jars

4 - Glitter Scoops
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Price: $475.00 /ea




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