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CNS Mylar Rolls - 15 Piece Kit

Mylar Rolls - 15 Piece Kit

-kit includes 1 roll of each

  • Magic Opal

  • Fire & Ice Opal

  • Seashell Opal

  • Unicorn opal

  • Princess Opal

  • Hot Pink Opal

  • Passion Opal

  • Lotus Opal

  • Ocean Opal

  • Tutti Frutti

  • Tropic Opal

  • Blazing Opal

  • Amazon Opal

  • Dragonfly Opal

  • Mystic Opal

Use these thin Mylars for nail art by applying cut pieces into a thin layer of uncured gel or a dispersion layer and re-curing. Extremely thin and easy to use!

Colors reflect different color over a dark background vs a light background; both make a great effect.

Roll Size is 5 cm x 4 feet long

Product Code: CNS-MYLAR-15KIT

Availability: In stock