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Slickpour 110 colors to choose from

By canadanails

SlickPour now is available in 110 colors. That’s right - 110 colors!  With so many colors and different technique options, the possibilities are endless.

Did you know SlickPour can be used for more than just the traditional way it was created for?  It can incorporated with the traditional Young Nails acrylic system, Synergy Gels, many different nail art techniques and I’ve even used it for sugaring nail art since it’s so incredibly fine.  I used the ones without chunky glitter of course.

To help you decide on colors we have done actual swatches of the entire SlickPour collection which can be viewed in our Photo Gallery

Here are a few videos from Young Nails to get you inspired!  I love to watch Greg, Habib and Tracey, they are always a great source for inspiration and some solid entertainment 

Slickpour with Traditional Acrylic (Black Ombre)

Slickpour powders with Gel




Chrome Ombre using Slickpour Pop n Lock


Slickpour with Nail Liquid